Zoella bags: Eyes Series

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Zoella is an expert at cosmetics, and she makes YouTube videos about them. She has her blogs where she posts regularly. Besides that, she also her line of products called “Zoella Beauty.” You can purchase her new products at the Superdrug website. Since she is from the UK, her bag is sold in pounds.
The Design
She has beautiful eyes. In her daily routine make-up video, she features how she does the eyes. She starts with a white powder and her Mac brush. She uses a dark pencil to border her eyes and makes it stand out using a brown pencil or a liquid liner. Her specialty is that she gives that flick at the end of the upper part of the eye that makes it unique. She ends off with mascara. If you are watching her YouTube videos, you will notice that her eyes make her look so gorgeous. The Zoella make-up bags has drawings of her eyes.
The Color
The color is teal and cream, and it comes with beautiful polka dots of the right size neither too big nor too small. There is another color, but this one is more popular. The other one is pretty as well. It comes with green polka dots on a white background. Both the bags have her signature so that you can be sure that she made it.
The Size
The cosmetic bags look small, but they are so huge inside that they can hold a lot of Naked 2 palettes. They weight around 4 pounds. It can keep the cosmetics you have, and you can carry them in your bag. If you are going somewhere, you can always have your cosmetics with you. There is a zipper that is durable, and if you unzip the bag, you will find a lot of space to fit all your items like lipsticks, mascara, eye shadow palette, etc.
The bright side is that it is not difficult to use. Other cosmetics bag tends to get dirty, or their zipper gets broken, and we cannot do anything about it. Some make-up bags do not even have the capacity to fit the palettes. You can wipe off the dirt quickly, and it does not cost much. There are other designs for Zoella bags such as one of them says “Some of my favorite things” and “Just say yes.” Most of them are polka dots on the same color background.
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