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The Rise of Zoella

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Zoella started out with a channel on YouTube that was about make-up and beauty. Her full name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg and her birthday is on March 28, 1990. Being only 26, she has managed to achieve a lot of things through hard work and dedication. Besides making videos, nowadays another activity internet user indulge in is writing blogs. She does the same. She started with only a few subscribers, and now she has over 10 million of them. They all love her for her work and intelligence.

Her Achievements
Now, she spends her time making videos for her YouTube audience and writing blogs. What many people do not know is she also sold books called the “Girl Online” and later on she became the head of her beauty products called “Zoella Beauty.” Being a victim of nervousness and anxiety, she manages to get out of them and go out in people. She has released her first book which is a novel during 2014, and it talks about a girl named Penny. She is a British, and her book was the highest selling book in day one in 2014 at the UK. From the September of 2014, she started the making of beauty products, and you can buy them from the stores or her website. She is always updating them just like her YouTube channel. Doing all these, made her the winner of the “Best Beauty Blogger” for 2013 and 2014. Another award that has

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